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9 09 2009

Social Media Detectives

9 09 2009

I have friend that I have known since she was a child.  We live in the same little suburban town in the Chicago Area. We communicate as friends with Facebook and I really enjoy her updates and posts. She is a personable and pretty young woman now who has a relationship with another friend of mine. They are together raising there combined family with children from previous relationships.Lovely fun couple.

Several days ago Chris (not her real name) posted on Facebook that “Chris is at work, ugh! Glad I am off tomorrow!” Seems harmless, we all feel that way at some point. I’m sure she was just tired from the long holiday weekend. I know from talking to her about her job that she enjoys her position with an Oral Surgeon and is paid well for her efforts.

But what if her employer or manager saw this comment on Facebook? What if there were several like this in Chris’s timeline? All the posts were innocent expressions of fatigue or being too busy on a particular day. But these comments put together out of a time context could irritate a boss who came upon them while in a bad mood or stressed state. Who knows what the consequences would be?

We should also consider our profile when it is time for a new job. Most organizations are going to look at our profiles. Take a peek at this article by Guy Kawasaki from Alltop. He writes about an online service SPOKEO

Be careful what you post.

Happy Posting!

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